Community Server

We have a 1PP Vanilla DayZ Community server that is now open to all.

The aim of this server is to offer a good mix of interaction, survival, PVP and super smooth server stability with working persistence.

Remember, Military zones and surrounding towns are always dangerous areas to be in so be on your guard and be ready for a fight. Outside of these areas, people without guns in their hands are not necessarily a threat so why not speak to them and see where it takes you.


HappyBombs | Livonia


The server will restart every 8 hours to keep things fresh and stable. The restart times are 8am / 4pm / 12am GMT.


We run a 4 hour day and 25 minute night cycle.


To keep the loot economy flowing across the map and to avoid loot being stashed away on the map for too long, we will wipe the server to a fresh state every 2 months. The first wipe will take place on: 1st October 2019 and then on the 1st December and so on. All characters, bases and loot stashes will be reset.


Vanilla means that this server runs no mods or admin tools. There are no gods in the sky watching what you are getting up to. There are no gods that can spawn in gear at any time.

There are tools outside of DayZ that show the server owner who has connected or disconnected from the server amongst other things but that is it. It does not affect anything in game. And no, HappyBombs is NOT and admin on this server. He plays on it like everyone else!


There is no right or wrong way to play DayZ but with any community server, we ask that you abide by these 4 simple guidelines:

DayZ should be about natural, unscripted exploration. Meeting people, making those decisions whether to interact, attempt to be friendly or to not trust anyone.

Please don’t stream snipe other players. Evidence of this will result in warnings and then bans.

Please don’t use glitches or bugs to gain an advantage in any situation.

Don’t be a dick. Griefing, combat logging, racism, sexism, xenophobia and general dickishness will not be tolerated.

In terms of bases, be responsible and don’t just hoard loot for the sake of it. Having huge supplies of guns, ammo and other supplies but never actually using them really hurts the loot economy and after a few weeks, gear just dries up.

If you’re a passive, PVE type player, having an arsenal of weapons gathering dust just doesn’t make sense. If you’re out for PVP, you expect to lose your gear and have it pass through another pair of hands. They die, the cycle continues and gear moves around / despawns.

If you have evidence of any of the above being disregarded or ignored, please contact an admin via the HappyBombs Discord channel and we will deal with it.


Do I have to be a HappyBombs subscriber on Twitch to play on this server?

Of course not, the server is open to all members of the HB Community and also open to the general DayZ community.

What is the population of the server?

We’ve set it to 60 players at the moment. Its a new server and there is no point having more until there is demand for it. That day we actually have queues, we can look at increasing it.

Do you have a night time phase on your server and how long does it last?

Night time is approximately 25 minutes.

Are there any rules on the server?

There are but its mainly about playing fair and not being a dick. Check out the server rules above before you play.

Can I KOS?

Whilst we actively encourage interaction of any kind, KOS is part of DayZ and we don’t want to change that. It creates stories, it creates divides, it creates revenge motives and sometimes you just want to shoot something or someone, right!?

Can I roleplay?

Of course you can! Not everyone is into it but why not give it a try, you might be surprised.

Anyway to team up with other people on the server?

There are a few team-chat voice channels in Discord and also a DayZ specific channel where you can jump in and see if anyone wants to join you.

Can I use Discord, TeamSpeak or any other voice chat app to chat to my friends in-game?

In-game voice chat is always better from a DayZ Experience point of view but yes, you can chat in private if you want.

Can I raid bases I find or attempt a base takeover?

Yes, you can. Its up to base owners to fortify their structures and defend their stashes. We just ask that you do this fairly, don’t use glitches and bugs or be that person that just plays on the server to just raid and annoy people.

Why has the server gone down?

If the server has gone down outside of the normal schedule restart times, its usually because of a Windows Update to the server. Best to check the Discord channel for any announcements.

Is there a Trader on the server?

No, we do not run a Trader mod on this server. Find people and trade with them naturally in-game – you’ll be surprised just how friendly and helpful some people can be.

I lost my [insert item here] on a restart – can an admin give me another?

We are not gods and we don’t run admin tools to spy on you or spawn items in game whenever we feel like it. This is a vanilla server and if you get ‘DayZ’d’, there’s nothing we can do about it.