Thursday Showdown

A weekly showdown where one town on the map becomes a PVP hotspot for the night. If you don’t want to get involved, stay well clear of that town!

You enter at your own risk as there will be solo and squad players looking to kill anything that moves.


Every Thursday evening from 8pm GMT. The town will remain a PVP hotspot until the server restart at midnight.


The town will be announced every Tuesday on HappyBomb’s Twitter and Discord channels. There will also be server messages appearing in game every hour once the great purge begins.

What Server?

1PP Vanilla DayZ Double Tap
Hosted by El_Trucko

Please remember, this is all about risk vs reward . There will be people roaming around with some very nice gear and many will die. You may get that shotgun to LAR upgrade you’ve been wanting all week with some well executed plays.

Feel free to team up in-game as only the bravest will survive. Test your PVP skills against the best and make every shot count, survivor!

Twitch Subs

Some weeks, HappyBombs will team up with one of his Twitch subs for this. If you’re 18 or over and want a chance to play, be in his Twitch channel from 8pm GMT and he will do the draw live to see who the (un)lucky person is!


So far we have fought in:
• Stary Sabor
• Berezino