HappyBombs is a Twitch live streamer from the UK with a passion for design and gaming. He has worked as a creative professional in the games industry for over 20 years and streaming is something he does outside of ‘the day job’. No, he doesn’t talk about his job much – he wants to keep the two separate.

Watching DayZ and ArmA 3 Battle Royale on Twitch were the reasons HappyBombs dipped into the world of PC gaming, with DayZ soon becoming his game of choice for the last 5 years. When not surviving the wilds of Chernarus, he also enjoys other games like Sea of Thieves, PUBG, Hunt Showdown on PC and most PS4 exclusives to name a few, some of which he has streamed.

A great community is the heart and soul of any Twitch stream and HappyBombs is super proud of his and the support and generosity he receives from them. Anyone who is down for a good time, to have some fun, to witness chat’s bad jokes, to watch some great snipes and who is up for a giggle, is welcome to come and hang out any time.

He regularly plays on and off stream with his community and is a big supporter of the DayZ Twitch family no matter what size channel they have.

He may even share a can of tactical bacon with you if you’re lucky.